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The most expensive cinema productions

on Jul 2, 2019

The film industry is not just entertainment - it's primarily one big business. This industry is associated with equally large amounts of money. Sometimes it comes to losses, sometimes a profit - however, by the American Dream Factory and other its global counterparts, they go through such huge sums that it is extremely exciting.

Top most expensive films in the world

In the history of the cinema, there are a few particularly popular films - film productions, which can be placed on the list of the most expensive ones. In a moment we will take a closer look at this list. Some will be surprising, others will be confirmed in the belief that somewhere smoldered in their heads. One thing is certain - some of these films, if only for this reason, how much money was put into their production is worth watching.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: on unknown waters, budget: 422 million dollars

  • Avangers: time of ultron, budget of 386 million dollars

  • Avagers: the end of the game, budget 356 million dollars

  • Titanic, budget: 312 million dollars

  • Avatar, budget: 237 million dollars

These huge numbers are impressive! But do the movies make an impression? Of course, the taste of taste, but for connoisseurs of noble special effects, Titanic is the best made realization. The movies from the Avangers series, although very spectacular, are mainly based on the effects reminiscent of not just a movie, but a computer game - by which they reach the right target and people who want to adapt to current trends. Anyway, the crowds in the cinemas have rewarded enormous investments

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