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Universal Studio – the best place for a movie lovers

on Aug 11, 2019

universal studio

People may like theatre and ambitious literature, but it’s something attractive in popular culture. Especially big American blockbuster movies. I’m not going to lie – I like them too. So my day at Universal Studio in Los Angeles was one of the best days of my life.

It was a little rainy day in march, so maybe because of this, there weren’t so much people. Really, the longest queue we stayed in was, tops, 30 minutes. So we could visit most of attractions. I enjoyed Harry Potter the most. Really, it’s not only a big, breathtaking investment, but actual ride was AMAZING! I regret not going there for second time. But actually all of attractions were really enjoyable.

harry potter universal studio

People often ask me, if it was easy to acquire USA Visa. Nothing easier. But, in fact, I didn’t need to have a visa. There is something called Visa Waiver Program, learn more here, so if you are a New Zealand citizen, and you go for tourist purposes, you don’t need to have an actual visa. And it’s not complicated or expansive. More info:

But going back to Universal Studio… If you like American movies, you really should go there. And even if not, you’ll probably enjoy yourself there. It’s also a great place to go with your children. I guarantee – the will love it!

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